Freelancer Survival Tips

Freelancer Survival Tips

How will you stand out uniquely despite of the high freelancer demands on the market? How will you convince your client that you are the one that they are looking for to land on their job preferences? These tips will help you not just to survive, but also to do your best being a freelancer.

Find Out Your Greatest Niche Skills.

You have to know what your greatest skill is. Are you someone who loves doing graphic designs, or are you a dedicated writer, or the one who loves helping people in communicating, or the one who just love office-related work? You need to know it so you will have an idea on what to present and how to present it on your potential client. More is more. The more you have skills, the more you have a chance to land on a job, whether it will be a part-time or a full-time remote job. Marketing yourself will be easier and less competition.

Show Professionalism in Communication.

Clients are still your boss. Be formal when speaking especially when you are presenting yourself. Start it in your cover letter. For example: I came across your post regarding this job and I thought to myself that I am able to help you with it. If you needed my help, please don't hesitate to contact me as I'll be glad to assist you.

Clients will not be able to be impress but also they can feel that you are worth the trust and easier to work with. Always remember not to be boastful.

Work and Communicate with the Language You Are Comfortable Speaking.

Being a freelancer, you are able to work with different countries such as in the US, Singapore, Hong Kong etc. Being an English-speaker, you also preferred to work with an English-speaking client. Unless you know and have a fluency in other language, then you may opt to have it as a choice. Use it as your advantage as some clients gives additional pay if you can speak more language aside from English. Work with ease as you can also express your ideas in the language that you are preferred to use together with your future clients.

Promote Yourself.

Never stop learning. Just because you landed a job doesn't mean that you will stop learning and experience new other things outside your job niche. No matter how you became a topnotch and a well-known freelancer, you should not stop promoting and making a target audience in your post. Whether if it's your social media sites or even your own website. Continue to be active. If you are having a full-time job and you still have an extra time, you can be active in posting and engaging in your social media sites or post on your website daily. Or even use a scheduled app so you can post and schedule it at the same time, targeting your preferred audience base on your topic. Or you can find a part-time job based on your preferred niche for example, sending cold emails to clients. There are so many ways to promote yourself. In short, be active.

Talk to the Professionals.

If you are new to freelancing and you have a coach, you can ask him or her about your questions and guides regarding being a freelancer. You can also ask for some tips and tricks especially on how you will be able to charge your potential client based on the niche and the proper ways on how to communicate on your clients. As everyone was saying, never stop learning and exploring things.

Do Market Research.

Google it my friend! It is important for you to do a market research regarding the company that you are going to be soon a part of it. Legitimacy is definitely an important pace. You will also have to research for some reviews especially if it's a retail company. It is really important for you to be able to know and to get some sense especially on the size of the company. You will soon to know how much the project or numbers of projects that they needed means to the company and its purpose.