Websites for Copyright-Free Images

Websites for Copyright-Free Images

If you are a freelancer and wanting to build up your portfolio and posts by using an image, but worried because you might get sued for copyright, then here are the top websites list where you can find images to be used for free, and not just free but also a copyright-free. Some websites allows you to download and use the photos for private use (example: background photos, Instagram use etc.) This also includes creating business cards, thru website creation and even posters.

Freerange: You can register here for free and once signed up, high-resolution images will welcome you for free in which you can use depending on your needs and niches. If you are a photographer or aspiring photographer, Freerange also offers Google AdSense revenue sharing when you contribute. Not only you share photos but also you can have some revenue because of Google AdSense. Also, the team behind launched another website that specialized in vintage called Vintage Stock Photos. Before, the content actually requires payment but it has now changed so for now, you can find more than thousands of bucks worth of quality vintage photos available with no extra charge.

Unsplash: it is a side-project started by Crew, Crew is an online marketing agency that is dedicated to make your designs into reality. Aside from providing free stock photography, Unsplash also takes in and publish graphic design works that is being done by their users with their so-called MadeWith section.

Pexels: started in 2015, Pexels is a website that aims to help in which has grown to have developed a reputable stock photo library. Pexels is also unique because it doesn't display images located on the Pexels Website but also outsources images from high-quality websites such as Gratisography, Little Visuals and more. Pexels screens their image to ensure the users to have the highest quality image available. You can also download high quality videos from the website.

Flickr: Flickr is also one of the famous website that has greatest image libraries in the internet. Although flickr is not for public domain images, you can find here the highest quality images from the users.

Life of Pix: Created by LEEROY advertising agency in Montreal, Life of Pix is free public domain photography. Also, their so-called Life of Vids website contains impressive video footages that are also available for free. Two birds in one stone.

StockSnap: Created by the people from Snappa, every photo that you can see in StockSnap is free to use. This website provides an excellent and high-quality images, and even extensive library of free images. With hundreds and even thousands of images that is being uploaded every week, StockSnap is definitely not just your ordinary photo website.

Pixabay: Pixabay is a great website resource for both beginners and professional photographers. Pixabay allows easy access to camera search which the users are allowed to explore images based on the camera used to take them. Pixabay is also used to integrate images from another image hosting sites. They also gather the best and high-quality images for free to use in your personal or commercial use.

Burst: Burst provides a sleek interface to explore as it also aims to have a very wide selection of the images base on the users preferred categories. It also provides from low to high resolution images depending of the user's needs, whether it will be used for commercial or personal use, or even the user's own website or their client's.

KaboomPics: KaboomPics is the user's most favorite website among all. Why? Because it provides impressive and breathtaking images, from the UI design to the image reservoir, you can find a lot of images that will make your eyes and mind impress. They also feature a color picker search engine and color palettes for the images as well. KaboomPics offers informative images to be use for ideas in photoshoot, blogposts, and more.

Wikimedia: Wikimedia is a website that aims for the graphic designers, photographers, bloggers become their image necessities. Wikimedia provides a great image from whether you are looking for historical photographs up to the present. Not only that, the website also offers a high-quality images as the website is also a part of a large organization that dedicates a free images, education, and information.