Top Websites for Freelancer Jobs

Top Websites for Freelancer Jobs

There are a lot of websites that are being used by clients to hire freelancers depending on their jobs and projects. Here are the top listed websites that freelancers and clients chose. Either if you are looking for a job or potential clients, then this post is for you.

Each sites works differently. From the pricing, the availability of connections, the premium accounts etc. So these websites below will be listed together with the important information for your guidance. In these platforms, clients and business owners can browse the top and newbie freelancers depending on their location, specialization and also their budget. The clients can also see the reviews left by the other clients in which helps the freelancer to grow and build trust for their future projects.

On some sites, freelancers have to bid for the specific budget in which the clients may choose to go with the cheapest budget or the highest bid depending on the freelancer's skills towards the tasks that the clients required. Whatever the website is, the purpose of these freelancing sites is not just to help the clients to see the freelancers' portfolios but also to help the freelancers land their jobs basing on their skills and to build up their profile, experience working remotely and to have a peace of mind working at home.

Here are the lists of top website that you can build an account.

Upwork: Upwork is a free freelance website aiming for small and huge businesses. Working under Upwork also makes you feel safe as they have a protection and you may be able to see the clients having a payment verified and unverified. Also, they have what they call ‘connects' in which you can use when you submit your resume and cover letter to the clients. Today, if your ‘connects' are all used, you can upgrade your account to premium to be able to purchase connects. And as of today, Upwork is requiring every freelancer, whether you have a new or old account to have video call verification and passing a government ID to avoid scammers and spam. In that way, not only freelancers will be protected but also the clients.

Fiverr: Similar to Upwork, Fiverr is the largest website for businesses especially for the client's budget. The average rate of freelancers in Fiverr compared to other websites is more affordable made for the client's need. Most freelancer newbies sign up here in Fiverr as their stepping stone especially in building up their portfolios and experiences. However, Fiverr charges 20% fee on both clients and freelancers. is also a large website that aims for the freelancers to grow and build their career and their portfolios. The company claims that 95% of their clients hire freelancers from their website. There are lots of jobs posted over 15million and increasing and 30billion users on the website. They use PayPal as mode of payment. Their payment option can give you peace of mind. will hold the client's escrow until the work is completed correctly. But since there are many experienced freelancers here, you may have to step up your game and build your portfolio pretty well.

LinkedIn: Most people think that this website is a place to build up portfolios and increase connections, LinkedIn is like a twitter website but in a corporate or business ways. LinkedIn is not just building a profile portfolio but also clients use this for hiring freelancers. LinkedIn ProFinder is used by the clients to post jobs in which automatically match the freelancers' skills. That's why freelancers can easily access and see the job posted by the clients in which they can send their resume and cover letter easily. LinkedIn is a free website and you can also upgrade to Premium/Pro to access more information.

OnlineJobsPh: Like the, onlinejobsph is a free website that freelancers can build up their portfolio. You have to take their required test and verify your profile by uploading government ids so your points will increase which makes the client trust you when you are sending them a proposal. Also, the more points you have, the more you can apply for the job that requires 70points up by the client.